Rostov-Na-Donu, Russia ROV/URRR

Rostov-Na-Donu, Russia

ILS 04/ILS 22


Rostov-Na-Donu is situated in the South West corner of Russia on the River Don near the Sea of Azov. The airport is situated approximately 10km to the North East of the city. The airport is situated in a flat part of the country, the MSA being 2000 ft for all sectors. The airport elevation is 279 ft.
In winter the airport is to be used with caution during icy conditions.
Standard R/T should be used at all times as understanding of English may be limited.


The Jeppesen charts contain numerous warnings about Heavy Turbulence, Downdrafts and Windshear on all approaches.


The airport is operational H24.


The first 328 ft/100M of each Rwy is unusable for Take-off.


This airport is generally used as an en-route adequate airport for flights transitting Russia.

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