Sal, Cape Verde SID/GVAC

Sal, Cape Verde

ILS 01/VOR 19


Sal is the NE island of the Cape Verde group and is 337nm off Dakar, Senegal.


The island is small with rugged terrain to the N and NE reaching just over 1,300ft asl within 5nm. Just NE of the 19 threshold is a small built up area with obstructions to 155ft above the threshold elevation. Other islands in the group have high ground to nearly 9,300ft asl, although the closest, Boa Vista 20nm S, has terrain to only 1,280ft asl.


Caution – False localiser captures have been reported on RWY 01 ILS Localiser


There are two runways. RWY 01/19 is standard width and has full lighting. The short runway has no lighting and is only 30m wide.
Poor apron and taxiway markings. Taxi with caution, particularly at night.


Mobile phone connection is limited to certain networks.


NE trade winds predominate. The dry season is from Feb to Jul with mainly fine weather except for occasional early morning mist. The wet season is Aug to Oct with squally showers, however ceiling and visibility seldom drop below 1,000ft/3nm. Temperatures vary little during the year, being between 20°C and 27°C.

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