St. Thomas I., Virgin Islands STT/TIST

St. Thomas I., Virgin Islands

ILS 10/Cirling 28


The island of St. Thomas rises steeply from the sea with hilly terrain located to the North and East of the Airfield. The highest point of the island is 1795ft 1.2 nmls North of the runway.
Flocks of large birds are common in the vicinity of the airport.
ILS coding weak and only receivable when close to the localiser.
Exercise caution – extensive VFR traffic.


Radar descent and vectoring to an ILS by SAN JUAN control.


The approach is over water with high ground to the left of the approach path. Northerly winds can create a potential for turbulence and low level wind shear. Pilots may encounter false illusory indications during night approaches when using outside visual cues for vertical  guidance. Use of ILS glide slope and frequent cross reference to aircraft altimeter recommended to maintain proper approach profile.

Rwy 10 – Right hand traffic pattern. MIRL pilot activated on 118.8. PAPI’s set at 3°. REILs.


Runways and taxiways are of asphalt construction. Use gate numbers painted on the ramp, NOT those on the building. Caution with vehicles and equipment parked on edge by ramp.
Ramp co-ordinates – N1820.1 W06458.3


Rwy 28 Preferential runway. All turns for take-off should be to the LEFT to avoid damage to buildings across the road from the eastern end of the runway.

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