Tabriz, Iran TBZ/OITT

Tabriz, Iran



Tabriz airport (elevation 4459 ft) is situated on a high plateau surrounded by mountainous terrain 290 nm NW of Tehran. The airport is on the northern outskirts of the city. 25 nm SE is a mountain reaching nearly 12,200 ft asl; 27 nm NW is a peak to over 10,600 ft asl, while 23 nm NE is a peak reaching nearly 9,300 ft asl. 35 nm W, beyond a 7,150 ft asl hill, is Lake Urmia which extends 70 nm in a N/S direction.
Closer in are hills to nearly 7,300 ft asl 10 nm NW, nearly 7,400 ft asl 8 nm NE and nearly 7,900 ft asl 7 nm E.


No instrument let downs for RWY 12. ATC may give clearances below MSA, particularly with RADAR available to them.
Due to the geological configuration in the Tabriz area, considerable differences in the local atmospheric pressures may occur in Winter, leading to large (up to 1,500 ft) variations in terrain clearance with 1013 set. With the airfield elevation nearly 5,000 ft asl the TAS will be markedly higher than the IAS.


Not authorised to the North in sector 350° to 102°.


In summer the mean temperature is 24°C. Relative humidity is low. Thunderstorms may occur in April and May. There is very little rain in July, August and September. In winter the mean temperature is -2°C. Snow occurs on 2 to 5 days per month from December to May. Fog may occur occasionally.

Caution: Birds and animals on the airfield.


Rwy 30 L/R – Preferential for take-off.


FEMALE FLYING STAFF will almost certainly be required to wear “Kaftans” if they disembark. They should take care to adhere to local codes of Islamic behaviour.

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