Leeds Bradford, UK LBA/EGNM

Leeds Bradford, UK

ILS 14/32LBA

Runways: 14, 32 both are equipped with ILS and VOR. Both runways are normally subject to heavy crosswinds of above 15kts, take caution below 1500ft. Runway 32 has direct access to the apron from taxiway Alpha however heavy jets above the size of a 737-800/A320 are often required to backtrack. Runway 32 has a high slope which means the end of the runway is hard to see, incidents have occurred in the past due to this. The terrain 2nm from runway 14 may cause glideslope fluctuations and occasional GPWS activations. There are 24 stands.

The height of the airfield is 681ft (highest in UK)

Taxiways: Alpha, November, Delta and Holding Point Echo 1 & 2

Frequency’s: Delivery 121.800  Ground/Tower 120.300  Radar 133.125

Departures Rwy 32 : Polehill One Whiskey, Wallasey One Whiskey, Dopek Two Whiskey, Lamix Two Whiskey, Fiwud
Two Whiskey, Nelsa Two Whiskey

Departures Rwy 14: Dopek Two X-Ray, Lamix Two X-Ray, Polehill One X-Ray, Wallasey One X-Ray, Fiwud Two X-Ray, Nelsa Two


Due to noise monitoring, ensure accurate tracking for all SIDS from runway 32.


Pilots should expect wind shear and turbulence when the surface wind is between 190° and 280° above 20 kt. Some variations to reported wind readings may also occur.

Caution: Bird hazard. Aircraft may be delayed whilst birds are cleared.


Spectacular crosswind landing as found on Youtube.

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