Dubai International, UAE DXB/OMDB

Dubai International, United Arab Emirates

Runways: 12L/30R ILS (13,672ft), 12R/30L ILS (15,032ft).
All runways are asphalt.

The airport should not be confused with Dubai Al Maktoum DWC.
DXB handles mainly commercial airliners and only a very limited number of slots are allocated to biz jets. DWC is more suited to biz jets and light traffic and should be considered before using DXB.

There are three terminals.
Emirates is based exclusively at 3 and other airlines are based in the other two. T3 is equipped to handle A380’s and the airport is often busy throughout the day and night.

DXB clearance delivery may induce heavy delays if slots are missed due to the constant traffic levels. General aviation pilots
should take into consideration that if you miss your slot and an EK A380 has and you both apply for the same free slot, the controller will most likely reward it to the EK flight.
This system can be similar to Shanghai’s congestion at times.

Aprons: Alpha, Charlie, Foxtrot, Bravo, Golf, Hotel, Echo
Taxiways: Mike, Lima, November, Kilo, Papa, Juliet, Uniform, Zulu.

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