Antalya, Turkey AYT/LTAI

Antalya, Turkey


There are a significant number of STARs and approaches available to each RWY.
Be alert to variable ATC standards.

High terrain exists to the N and W of the airport, but there is no significant terrain within the circling area. There is a 200ft cliff 2nm S of the APT.


All RNAV arrivals into Antalya require GPS. Advise ATC if operating non-GPS aircraft.

The STAR given by ATC may be different to the STAR on the OFP. Pilot reports indicate that ATC favour a KOZLU RNAV arrival followed by radar positioning to final approach. Monitor all radar descent clearances carefully and cross check position with Radar Minimum Altitude chart 10-1R.

Refer to Jeppesen 10-1P for details on the Preferential RWY System. Reports have been received that the landing RWY allocated by Antalya Approach may be different to the landing RWY indicated on the ATIS. In addition, subsequent controllers may issue a further RWY change.

ATC radar vectoring may be poor with late descent clearances. RWY changes may result in reduced track mileage to final approach.


The VOR DME LOC approach for RWY 18L utilises the LRA DME which reads 2.0D at the threshold.

Due the large number of similar approaches utilising different aids, extra vigilance is required in the selection, identification and use of all aids.


Antalya has three parallel RWYs with long parallel TWYs along RWY18L/36R and 18/36C.

Caution: Scope for confusion of landing surface.

Two VOR DMEs operate at this airport; ensure use of the correct navigation aid for approach if a late change of RWY is given.

TWY marking and signage is poor in places. Lighting has also been reported as poor; particular care should be taken when turning from TWY „G‟ onto TWY „Y‟ at night.

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