Antofagasta, Chile ANF/SCFA

Antofagasta, Chile


Antofagasta Airport is situated on the western coastline of Chile, 8nm N of the town. It sits at 455ft amsl within a MSA of 7,200ft amsl. Four rocky outcrops lie 6nm W of the airport and the RWY 19 approach path. Immediately to the E of the airport the Andes mountain range begins, rising through 5,000ft amsl within 12nm.


VOR and RNAV approaches are available to both runways and an NDB approach is available to RWY 01.
All approaches to RWY 19 have steeper than normal approach angles.
Circling is available to the W from both runways however circling from an approach to RWY 01 is only allowed during daylight hours.


PAPI angle for RWY 19 is steeper than all instrument approach angles at 3.70°.


Significant RWY slope which varies throughout runway length:

Threshold RWY 19 to TWY D = 2.0% Gradient
TWY D to TWY C = 1.1% Gradient
TWY C to TWY B = 0.1% Gradient
TWY B to Threshold RWY 01 = 0.8% Gradient



Large birds (turkey vultures) within vicinity of the airport.

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