Aqaba, Jordan AQJ/OJAQ

Aqaba, Jordan

King Hussein Intl


Note: The airport is situated in close proximity to the Israeli border.

Aqaba is situated 4nm N of the town and 1nm E of the Jordan/Israel border. The airport lies at 175ft amsl surrounded by high terrain with a MSA of 8,000ft amsl.

The runway is orientated along a steep sided N-S valley with the 1,500ft amsl contour only 3nm to the E and 6nm to the W. The terrain to the E rises to over 5,000ft amsl within 6nm, while to the W the ground reaches 3,000ft asl by 10nm. On the extended centre line to the N the terrain reaches nearly 400ft amsl at 3nm and nearly 900ft amsl at 6nm.


Cairo ATC provides procedural separation between aircraft approaching Aqaba and Eilat from the S. VHF contact with Cairo may be lost while flying up the Gulf of Aqaba so early request for descent is advisable.

There is little co-ordination with Israeli ATC at Eilat and it is important to remain within Jordanian airspace.

Caution: It is necessary to positively identify Aqaba Airport because Eilat Airport, in Israel, has a similarly orientated runway only 3nm SW.


There are no published arrival charts. The normal approach clearance is to join the hold at BAKIR before carrying out the procedural ILS approach to RWY 01.

Note: Possible VOR and DME fluctuations may occur in the hold at BAKIR.

The ILS installed for RWY 01 “funnels” the aircraft towards the runway with high ground to both sides and to the left is Israeli airspace.

No instrument approach procedures are published for RWY 19.

Circling minima are not published due to the proximity of terrain to the E and the proximity of the Israeli border to the W. Visual circuits for RWY 01/19 must be carried out to the E.


A departure from RWY 19 is unlikely due to Cairo ATC. It is likely that RWY 01 will be in use with a RHAMA or ARABA departure.



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