Ascension Island ASI/FHAW

Ascension Island


Ascension is a mountainous island located in the South Atlantic approximately 1,200nm E of Recife in Brazil and 1,000nm S of Freetown in Sierra Leone. The airfield is military and is located in a valley, on the SW corner of the island, some 3nm SE of the capital, Georgetown.

Immediately N and S of the runway are abrupt outcrops of high ground to nearly 800ft asl. Of particular importance are the two immediately S of the runway which start to rise about 45m from the runway edge. The highest of the two hills reaches 790ft asl.

There is a marked up slope before the threshold of RWY 14 causing the radio altimeter reading to decrease suddenly at about 100-200ft.

To the NE of the airfield the terrain reaches 1,500ft asl within 1.5nm. The highest peak on the island is 2,817ft asl 3nm to the NE.

Ascension has a latitude of 80S, and hence has a tropical climate. It lies in the SE Trade Wind Belt throughout the year, and seasonal variations are small.


The NDB is over a mile to the NW of the runway and not on the extended centre line, however it can be received at ranges up to 1,000nm.

The usual clearance is to MATHY, which is 10DME on the extended centre line of RWY 14. The only instrument approaches (non-precision) are to RWY 14. Circuits are flow3n to the S of the airfield, away from the high ground.

Strong down draughts may be experienced on final approach due to local wind effects.

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