Bermuda BDA/TXKF



The airport is located at the NE end of the island. A ridge runs NE/SW 100m short of the threshold to RWY 12 with obstructions up to 145ft amsl. To the N of the approach lights to RWY 30 there is another ridge with a lighthouse standing 223ft amsl.


Minimum altitude for jet aircraft flying over the Bermuda Islands Restricted Area (R3017) is 5,000 feet amsl.


Caution: Expect turbulence on approach. Strong winds from various directions are not uncommon; winds in excess of 45 knots are most common from 080 to 130. Winds from the N can produce marked windshear and downdraughts on approach to RWY 30.

ILS DME IDBA reads D0.2 at the threshold on approach to RWY 30.


Pilot control of airport lighting is available outside of ATC hours. On frequency 122.8 MHz, keying the PTT switch 3, 5 or 7 times within 5 seconds will activate the airport lighting as follows:

7 times within 5 seconds – Highest intensity
5 times within 5 seconds – Medium intensity
3 times within 5 seconds – Lowest intensity

The lights will remain illuminated for 15 minutes after the last keying operation. It is recommended that initially the PTT switch is keyed 7 times, to turn on all available lights at maximum intensity. As the airport is approached, the intensity of some of the lights may be reduced if desired by keying 5 or 3 times as appropriate. Some of the lights will illuminate only at a fixed intensity. A further keying operation should be made prior to final approach to ensure the lights remain illuminated during the approach and landing.

RWY 12 PAPIs steeper than normal.


Departure clearance procedures can be found on Jeppesen chart 10-9.

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