Madrid, Spain MAD/LEMD

Madrid, Spain

Madrid is 2000′ elevation.

Need to be 250 at 7000ft, and speed limit is 250 below 10,000′.
ASBIN 220KTS at 5000 FT….12 NM 180KT…6NM 160 KT

ARRIVAL: Expect for RWY 33L/R is early morning ARR will be 18 R/L check airport INFO Jeppesen.

EXPECT: TERMINAL 4 S (satellite), Better for landing will be 33L (Shorter Taxi time)
During approach ATC change RWYs many times prepare Primary 33 L and secondary 33R.
ATC will keep you high. At 6000FT, G/S capture altitude when you are cleared for the ILS approach is 4000ft. For RWY 18 they normally keep you high and fast because of high terrain.

TAXI IN: After landing take first taxi way to the left (on RWY 33L) TAXI via KA3/KA2/KA1/GATE 14/ EB2 or EB6 to the stand.

PARKING:  stands 544 to 580 or any gate in the remote area around Terminal 4 S

DEPARTURE: Cross check with clearance delivery The SID, normally is NANDO 2A or NANDO 3R

TAXI OUT: Via EB2/NY11/NY12/NY13/Y1 toY4 for RWY 36R

EOSID: RWY 36 L/R. at 8 NM “BRA” LT to “GE” 421 (Hold 048 inbound RT)
SET 13000ft on FCU.

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