Paris Charles de Gaulle CDG/LFPG

Paris Charles de Gaulle

The Outer Runway 08R/26L & 09L/27R preferred Runway for Arrivals. Rushed approaches occur and expect reduced track miles and delay in descent so plan your descend with using High Speed or using Speed Brakes accordingly.

Option A
TINIL 5W FOR R/W 26L/R or 27L/R, TINIL 5E FOR R/W 08L/R  0r 09L/R
After Approaching TINIL radar usually fly direct to OMAKO or INKAK then Direct to CLM.
After CLM expect Radar vectors direct to D11.2 or D14.2
Also use speed brakes to descend as you have to be 4000ft by D11.2(R/W08R)

Option B
VEDUS 4E via LORTA for R/W 09L OR O8R
In this arrival from LORTA usually get Radar Vectors till BONOR for R/w 09L.
After BONOR we get Radar Vector to Intercept Localizer for R/W 09L.

WEST must give priority to arriving traffic leaving RWY via S1-S2-S3
08L vacate via W4-W6-W7-W9-W10-W11
08R via V5-V6-V7
09L via Z5-Z6-Z7
09R via Y6-Y8-Y10-Y11
26L via V4-V3-V2
26R via W5-W3-W2-WB-WA
27L via  Y7-Y5-Y2-Y1
27R  via  Z3-Z2.

Taxiways S3- S4 very pronounced up slope (do not stop A/C)

TAXI IN:   After Landing Vacate R/W with First Exit usually taxi via V6, S7 then cross R/W 08L W9 or 26L V3-S3 cross 08L
–T-N-A-B, GATE “W7”.

CDG-to the sout east:

Noise Abatement procedure as per Jepessen. Depending on Runway in use SIDs “BUBLI 1B” or “LANVI 1B”, 1E”.
Parking at Z7, Z8, Z9 taxi via INNER CIRCLE A and then as cleared by ATC for R/W 26L/R or 27L/R, depending on R/W in use.
ATC Controllers usually ask of change of R/W for departure, good practice to prepare LPC calculations for Both R/Ws on Data Card.
After Departure usually get radar Vectors.
CALL “DEGAULLE FLIGHT DATA”10min P/B state: 1.- call sing, 2.-Destination, 3.- Parking position, 4.- ready to start in 10’.

PERFORMANCE: 1900/3400 1900 EXPECT 08L/26R and 09R/27L for departure.

TAXI OUT: A- inner, F-R-W11-26R

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