St John’s, Antigua ANU/TAPA

St John’s, Antigua


The airport is situated on the NE side of the island. Terrain peaks at 1,450ft amsl 6.5nm to the SW. Terrain in the immediate airport vicinity is a significant feature. 600m to the S of RWY 07 threshold terrain rises to 460ft amsl and 1,000m to the N to 375ft amsl.

To the NW of the airport hills and obstructions rise to 600ft amsl which, when approaching from the NW obscure RWY 07/25 until abeam St. John’s town (3nm W of the airport).

2nm finals to RWY 07 lies a ridge that runs 200-300ft amsl but less than 1nm to the R of the approach path this rises to 386ft.

The island of Monserrat lies 32nm to the SW with terrain rising to 3,000ft amsl. The Soufriere Hills Volcano has errupted several times in recent years with little or no warning. Check the Met Office Volcanic Ash Advisories (VAA) for information on erruptions and ash cloud scatter.


If positioning left base, avoid overflying the hills W of St. John’s Harbour due to possible GPWS alerts.

VOR DME approaches to both RWYs are offset significantly and are steeper than normal. PAPIs do not match approach path angle.

Note: Whilst RWY 25 has a lower approach minima there are no approach lights to this RWY.


Expect turbulence and windshear on approach to RWY 07 with winds from the S or SE.


The first 450m of RWY 07 has a 0.53% up-slope giving a maked hump at the RWY 07 touch down point; the remainder of the RWY has a down-slope which increases to 1% for the last 300m.

All heavy aircraft turning on the intersection of RWY 07/25 and the disused RWY 10/28, should turn counter-clockwise using RWY 07 and clockwise using RWY 25, to avoid jet blast affecting aircraft parked W of the intersection.


Noise abatement procedures for RWY 07 can be found on Jeppesen chart 13-1.

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