Bali, Indonesia DPS/WADD

Bali, Indonesia


The airport lies 7nm S of the town of Denpasar and is located on a narrow piece of land joining the main part of the island of Bali with a peninsula to the S. Terrain to the N is flat until 9nm where it then rises steadily reaching 7,500ft amsl by 25nm N and over 10,300ft by 31nm NE of the airport. High ground on the peninsula reaches 750ft amsl by 5nm S of the airport.


There is an ILS approach to RWY 27 and a VOR/DME approach to both runways.
VOR/DME 09 descent angle is shallower than that of the RWY 09 PAPIs.


Caution: Birds congregate on the runway leading to a high bird-strike risk.


Northbound SIDs require a high ROC to clear the high ground.

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