Banda Aceh, Indonesia BTJ/WITT

Banda Aceh, Indonesia


Much rebuilding has taken place at Banda Aceh since the tsunami of December 2004. The terminal, runway, taxiways and apron have been renewed and the airport infrastructure is significantly better than most Indonesian airports.

The security situation has improved in recent years but Foreign Office and company security advice should be checked before operating through Banda Aceh.

There is uncertainty over terrain and spot height information close to the airport and discrepancies in the Jeppesen airport layout chart.


25nm MSAs over 7,400 feet amsl to south, 7000ft to NE, 3200ft to NW, and there are grid MORAs over 12,000 feet amsl near by..


No radar; the nearest is at MEDAN. Instrument approaches only to RWY 17. There is a displaced Threshold of 300m for RWY 17 with co-located PAPI.

Preferred landing RWY 17. The ILS glideslope for this runway is unreliable during the latter part of the approach – use LOC ONLY procedure (LOC and V/S modes) and minimums.

Circling to RWY 35 only to the West. There is significant terrain just outside the Category D circling area, ensure the aircraft remains within the circling area. There is uncertainty over terrain and spot height information and the charted circling minima after ILS, VOR and VOR/DME RWY 17 should be treated with caution. Note that the NDB circling minima is over 2,000 feet.


A new taxiway runs from the southeast corner of the apron to the threshold of RWY 35 but PCN restrictions apply.
ATC can be contacted on HF, callsign ‘Banda Aceh Radio’ on frequencies 6589, 8070, 5188 kHz.


Expect Departures to the E via DUAMO 1A/B SIDs.
Depart on 35 when performance allows. If departing RWY 17, expedite climb through 1,500 feet amsl.


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