Banjarmasin, Indonesia BDJ/WAOO

Banjarmasin, Indonesia


There is work in progress to renew the runway, section by section, but the whole length should be available for Hajj operations.

Caution – smoke due to forest burning can reduce visibility significantly. Actual visibility may be below landing minima. ATC may not be aware of the reduced visibility.


Banjarmasin is close to the coast of Southern Kalimantan, the immediate area is flat, but terrain to the North is high with Grid MORA indicating incomplete survey of the terrain. Based on the BDM VOR/DME, within 25nm, the highest MSA is 5000ft to the SE, 3000ft to the NE, 2500ft to SW and 1500ft to NW.


ILS and non-precision approaches are available for RWY 10. There are no instrument approaches available to runway 28.
The NDB is described as ‘unreliable’.

The runway is reported as rough.


There is a half turning circle to the north of the RWY 28 threshold not shown on the Jeppesen 11-1 chart. The ‘old’ half circle located about 300m from the RWY 28 threshold is in very poor condition – do not use.

The Jeppesen airport chart does not show parking positions.
Hajj and other jet transport aircraft are parked on the apron served by taxiways C and D.

Taxiway C is in very poor condition – do not use.

Taxiway D has recently been rebuilt and is in good condition, consisting of a concrete central taxiway with asphalt shoulders, totalling 23m.

Caution – The runway edge lights are set between 1.5m and 2m outside the runway edge lines.


The RWY surface has been extensively patched but remains somewhat rough. Consider using flaps 20 and not fully reducing thrust.


ATC can be contacted via HF, callsign ‘Banjarmasin Information’ on frequencies 8882, 9002, 3416, 5574, 6577, 11309 kHz.

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