Batman, Turkey BAL/LTCJ

Batman, Turkey


Batman Airport is a joint military and civil airport located 2nm NW of the city and sits at 1818ft amsl amongst high terrain with a MSA of 9,000ft amsl in the NE and 7,000ft amsl in the remainder of the sectors. It lies 40nm E of Diyarbakir Airport and 50nm N of the Syrian border.

There is high ground within 15nm surrounding the airport, most notably to the SE where the terrain reaches 4,249ft amsl.


Non-precision VOR/DME and NDB/DME approaches are available to RWY 02 but only circling approaches are available to RWY 20. Owing to the proximity of the terrain, circling is only permitted to the W. The circling minima is 1132ft agl (2950ft amsl) for Cat C & D.

The approach gradient to RWY 02 is slightly steeper than the PAPIs.


Airport layout is unusual in that the parallel taxiway is E of the runway whilst the terminal and parking apron are to the NW. The parallel taxiway is of a similar length to the runway increasing the risk of visual mis-identification. Parking space on the Terminal Apron is limited however remote parking spaces may be available.

There is no approach lighting system for RWY 20.


Note: Airport operational hours are by NOTAM.

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