Bergen, Norway BGO/ENBR

Bergen, Norway


The airport is situated on the Norwegian coast, 5.5nm SW of the city. There is high ground to the W, with a mast on a hill, 1293ft, at 3nm W of RWY 17 threshold. Mountainous terrain to the E rises to 3200ft at 12nm, with a peak of 1322ft 1.5nm E of RWY 17 ILS OM.

Concentrations of sea birds are present at all times near/ on the airport. Deer may be encountered on the airport, particularly in winter.

There is significant helicopter activity at the airport.


Circling is prohibited to the E of the airport for Cat D aircraft.


RWY 35 has a 0.5% initial upslope, followed by a pronounced dip, and then a 0.9% upslope for the last 900m.
There is a marked upslope to the ramp.


Windshear may be encountered on short finals to RWYs 17 and 35, with wind direction between 200º and 340º, with speeds in excess of 12kt.

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