Bratsk, Russia BTK/UIBB

Bratsk, Russia


The airport lies to the W of the Angara River in the northern Irkutsk region of Siberia some 13nm NE of Bratsk city. To the E and NE, on the opposite bank of the river are low hills reaching nearly 2,710ft asl at 12nm. To the N is a smaller hill reaching almost 2,310ft asl at 5nm. Terrain to the W is reported as low and uneven with no obstructions.

Careful attention is needed, both on arrival and departure, to ensure that the correct altimeter setting is used; QFE may be given on the ATIS. Airfield elevation is 1,610ft asl.

Use standard R/T as the understanding of English may be limited.


Clearance to intercept the final approach may not be given, the aircraft being expected to make the last turn onto finals without specific instructions. Clearance to land is given after the crew have reported “undercarriage down”.

The runway is 60m wide which may create an unusual perspective on approach.


Fuel available is TS-1, which is equivalent to Jet A-1.

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