Canberra, Australia CBR/YSCB

Canberra, Australia


The airport is located on the eastern edge of the city and sits at 1886ft amsl. Ridges of high ground surround the city leading to MSAs of 4600ft amsl to the N and 7500ft amsl to the S.


There is an ILS approach to RWY 35 and a VOR approach to RWY 17 & 35. Circling to the W of the airport is limited to 4nm to avoid overflying the Australian Parliament Buildings.

Caution: During strong westerly winds, severe turbulence may be experienced in the touchdown zone of RWY 35.


ATC TWR hours of operation are 20:00 – 13:00UTC although this can alter depending on planned traffic movements. Outside of ATC hours, Canberra Airport has a Common Traffic Advisory Frequency (CTAF) 118.7 to facilitate communication between aircraft operating in the area. Arriving aircraft must broadcast their aircraft type, ETA, intended runway for landing and planned circuit entry procedure. This frequency also operates the Pilot-Activated lighting.

If departing out of ATC hours, Melbourne Centre Flight Information Area frequency (FIA) 125.9 must be contacted to confirm flight plan, controlled airspace joining airway/position and ETA. Departure intentions should be transmitted on the CTAF and flap retraction delayed until clear of traffic area.

Note: Several runway turning and taxiway restrictions are detailed on airport chart.

Airport Fire Service Frequency 131.0, callsign “Canberra Fire”.


Caution: Bird Hazard exists.

Numerous Noise Abatement procedures exist for this airport.

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