Da Nang, Vietnam DAD/VVDN

Da Nang, Vietnam


During 2010, Da Nang will be undergoing major works to improve facilities; this will include the lengthening of one RWY from 3048-3500m, improving RAMP and TWY, and the building of a new Terminal – check NOTAMs for last data.

Da Nang is a busy joint civil/military airfield. RWY 17L/35R is for use by civil aircraft, RWY 17R/35L is for military use, and can only be made available in special cases on request.

There are two danger areas to the E and W of the airfield at a range of 15nm and 13nm respectively up to FL 230; these will be notified as active by ATC.


Da Nang is a major port on the E coast of Vietnam. The airfield has an elevation of 33ft and is situated on flat, sandy ground 3nm SW of the city. An isthmus and headland reach nearly 2300ft asl 7nm to the NE of the airfield. Inland, the terrain rises rapidly reaching nearly 1200ft asl within 4nm to the W, nearly 3,700ft asl at 11nm to the W, and over 5,600ft asl 22nm to the W. In line with the RWY extended centre lines to the N, is a promontory that reaches nearly 800ft asl at range l0nm from the RWY17 thresholds. Inland from the promontory, the terrain rises rapidly to over 5,000ft asl at a point 16nm NW of the airfield. S of the airfield the terrain is flat for about l2nm and then rises reaching nearly 3,200ft asl 19nm to the S. The highest MSA within 25nm is 7700ft to the W.


Da Nang is in a typical tropical monsoon zone, with high temperature and equable climate. There are two seasons; the wet season lasts from Aug-Dec, and the dry season from Jan-Jul. Cold spells are occasional in winter, but they are not severe and are short. Annual average temperature is 26deg C. Average humidity is 83.4% with the highest being in Oct and Nov (85.67% – 87.67%). Average rainfall is 2500mm per year with the highest being in Oct and Nov (550-1000mm). CB activity is most frequent from Apr-Oct.


The airport is H24 (UTC+7) and RFFS CAT 8.

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